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Over the past four years, I’ve been engrossed in diverse categories of Digital Marketing, focusing on both Lead Generation and eCommerce.

Previously employed by The Home Depot, I was responsible for online lead generation nationwide for four home improvement services. During my tenure, yearly online revenue skyrocketed from less than $1 million to a projected $25-30 million in 2013.

My current employment involves the comprehensive eCommerce management of four nutritional supplement/vitamin brands.

I’m a diligent, assiduous, enthusiastic and detailed oriented worker who persists until the task is completed to the utmost standards. As a marketer, we are the final touch point with consumers and only have one chance to make an impact – and it better be a damn good one!

While both lead generation and ecommerce employ different strategies methods, at the core they rely on the same basic principals. The digital realm can be daunting, but it’s a marketing channel you can no longer ignore.

Positive feedback, great customer service and an attractive website are absolutely crucial to success online and offline. I’ve seen all sides of the spectrum:

  • The Good: A pool guy who takes great pride in his positive online reviews, which results in him spending $0 in marketing to generate 50 calls a week (even with a subpar website!)
  • The Bad: An electrician who thinks the multiple negative Yelp Reviews aren’t affecting his business yet continues to sub-out his work, insults his employees and lies to customers (he blames the economy!)

My goal is to share this knowledge with all small business owners like yourself looking to advance your online presence and provide the relevant resources needed to help you succeed.